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Advanced Empowerment and Attunement of your Space


This is the next and highest level, following the Advanced Cleansing & Healing of Your Space.

It creates a permanent connection to higher levels of light and energy, so that there is a constant flow of pure, bright, and vital frequencies.


Your space will be attuned to the Higher Dimensions of Light, Love, and Life and it will be infused with positive vibrations.


Your space will be attuned to Peace, Harmony, Health, Joy, Protection, Clarity, Love, Abundance, and Prosperity.


This session includes the Space Cleansing & Healing Session. Your space will first be cleansed and healed energetically on all levels. Then, it will be attuned and empowered to the highest degree.


This session is done by Geom!*, spiritual teacher and healer.


This session takes seven days to be completed.


The Space Cleansing & Healing Session is done during the first three days, so that your space is crystal-clear, positive, harmonious, and bright on all levels. It is completely cleansed and infused with all the positive energies of light, love, and life.


Then the Attunement and Empowerment is done daily, over the next four days, focusing each day on different alignments and positive qualities for your space.  


The results are magnificent and more than often miraculous.


The positive effects last for many months, and even years.


For this session I will need your complete name, the address of your place and some photos of your space (you can send them through e-mail).


For the Advanced Space Cleansing & Healing Session see here:


The cost for the Advanced Space Empowerment and Attunement is 250 euros. This is 50% off the actual cost, so that more people can greatly benefit from these Energy Healing Sessions. This offer will be valid for a short period of time.


Price: 250 €