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Advanced and Complete Energy Cleansing and Healing for your Space, Home, or Working Place (distant session)


This is the most complete energy cleansing for your space, and it can be performed for your home or working place.


In this session, all unhealthy energies, low vibrations, and negative influences are completely cleared out, and your space is energetically elevated and infused with the higher frequencies of life, love, and light. Harmony is restored on all levels and this creates an uplifted, healthy, calm, bright, and blissful atmosphere for all those who share and inhabit this space, as well as for their guests.    


Receive this clearing, when:

- you feel stagnant negative energy in your space

- you experience heaviness or moodiness when you are in your space

- you are not feeling relaxed or at ease, you feel stressful or tense

- you feel exhausted, anxious, or sad when you are in your space

- there are energies left from the previous owners or residents of the house

- negative events took place in your space: physical, emotional or mental illness, accidents, acts of violence, traumatic events

- your house seems cold or empty, or it seems impossible to clean, organize, and declutter

- there are ongoing and strong negative thoughts and feelings that seem to be imprinted in your space

- there are increased arguments and quarrels in the house

- there are problems with neighbors

- you feel that someone envies you or sends you negative vibes

- you feel there is a negative influence or attack

- there are accidents happening and things get broken more than often

- you or others are unable to sleep well or have nightmares

- you have an eerie feeling or feel a strange presence

- there are ongoing blockages, obstacles, and bad luck in your life

- there is a life change, the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, or the moving out of a child

- you want to renew the energy and make a fresh, new start

- you want to prepare for a new baby

- you want to bless and energetically elevate your space

- you want to create a sacred, spiritual space

- you want to sell your home

- you are going to move in or you have just moved in and you want to make your space as bright, harmonious, and positive as possible.


If any of the above sounds like your case, then this session is for you. It is a full energetic clearing of your space, your home, or working place and it is the most powerful, advanced, and complete clearing you can receive!


This session involves:


* A complete clearing of your space from any lower frequencies. Negative energies of all kinds will be released from all levels. Also negative influences and energetic attacks, energies of conflict and envy coming from others.

* Past negative imprints, thought-forms and heavy emotional energies will be removed and transmuted.

* Low frequency energies of the past will be cleared, the imprints of negative events.

* All negative feelings that have remained in your space will be cleared out: any frequency, sense and imprint of heaviness, moodiness, irritability, sadness, anger, and fear.

* Your space will be energized, charged and infused with healing light, life-force energy and the purest spiritual qualities.

* Your space will be healed and charged with high frequency energy and light for clarity, calmness, joy, love, harmony, prosperity, and health.

* The frequency of your space will be raised to the highest level possible for your total wellbeing and your space will be energetically healed and spiritually blessed.

* A strong protection will be placed in and around your space, protecting you and your space from all negative/lower energies and influences.  

* Your space will become a bright, positive, sacred place of harmony, peace, joy, health, prosperity, and love.




- There is a multitude of benefits resulting form this advanced and powerful work.

- Most people feel the results immediately, while others see the benefits in the long-run, over the followings days, weeks, and months.

- Their space feels cleaner, lighter, and brighter.

- They themselves feel more peaceful and at ease.

- They often sense a veil or dark cloud being lifted from their head and chest.

- There is more clarity in thought and emotion.

- Communication is enhanced and there is greater flow of energy and positivity.

- People experience a greater sense of aliveness, vitality, and wellbeing.

- Their space feels clean, light, harmonious, and so do they.

- They sleep better and they wake up joyful and energized.

- Their space becomes loving, warm, and comforting.

- Their space becomes a blessed and sacred place of daily blessings and miracles which they love and enjoy fully.  


This session is done by Geom!*, spiritual teacher and healer.


The session takes three days to be completed. The positive effects last for many months and even years. It is a session which all spaces should receive, at least once, since all spaces record and hold the energies of their inhabitants, visitors, and other people.


For this session I will need your complete name, the address of your place and some photos of your space (you can send them through e-mail).


For the Advanced Empowerment and Attunement of Your Space, see here: 


The cost for the Advanced and Complete Cleansing and Healing Distance Session for Your Space is 150 euros. This is 50% off the actual cost, so that more people can greatly benefit from these Energy Healing Sessions. This offer will be valid for a short period of time.

Price: 150 €