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Distant Healings


Request Personal Distant Healing!


Send us your complete name, date of birth, city / country and the condition
that is in need of healing. 

Teacher GEOM!* will send you 4 distant reiki treatments plus much light and love for protection, alignment, harmony and peace on all levels.

All personal information is kept strictly confidential.

* Session #1 will focus on your mind:

All energy will be sent for peace and clarity, enlightenment and inspiration.

* Session # 2 will focus on your emotions:

All energy will be sent for harmony, serenity, joy and love, for your every relationship and for right expression and communication. 

* Session # 3 will focus on your energy systems:

All charkas and meridians, the aura and energy bodies will be cleansed and filled with pure life-force energy, light and unconditional love.

* Session #4 will focus on your body:

All energy will be sent for multi-leveled health and rejuvenation, detoxification and cleansing and in order to strengthen the body, the systems and the organs.


You can ask for healing with any of the energy healing systems taught in the University of Reiki! Request for any energy!

All of the Healing Sessions are offered totally for FREE in the spirit of the deepest compassion and of the highest offering to humanity.
Everything is dedicated to the highest healing possible and to the highest good!



Reiki for World Peace, Planetary Evolution & Everyday Love

Beloved Teachers, Students, Healers and Friends,

Please dedicate 10 minutes of your precious time TODAY to send light, love and energy to our precious planet, the earth, our beautiful mother earth, gaia, the nature, the plant and animal kingdoms and to the whole of humanity for the transcendence of suffering and for painless ad blissful evolution and healing
on all levels.

Dedicate these 10 minutes to the highest healing possible and to the highest good of ALL.

Your intention and love is extremely important to the whole of the earth and to the whole of cosmos! You can use positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, visualization, reiki healing energy and reiki healing symbols to heal the earth and to promote peace and love for this amazing diversity of Life on Earth, including all human beings. We all need as much healing and as much LOVE as possible! LOVE feeds the soul. LOVE brings more and more happiness! Give and You Shall Receive!! 

Give and You Shall Receive!

We Thank You! We Honor You! We send you our Truth, our Love, our Light. 

Much LOVE 
1000 Blessings