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Study every Reiki System and Energy Method that exists on the Planet today!

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Basic and Advanced Energy Courses for Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Masters and the Reiki Teachers

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Complete information on Reiki and Rare Energy Healing and Spiritual Methods

Traditional and Modern, Western and Japanese, new and innovative, spiritual, new age, healing, simple, pure, revolutionary and advanced Reiki Healing and Reiki Mastery!

This is the ultimate place to learn about all the different reiki workshops and spiritual systems - what they teach and how they can help you. This is a place of pure energy to grow and learn how to heal yourself and the world around you.

At Last! Etheric Energy Studies!

For the body, the mind, the soul


I would like to share some information about my spiritual biography with you. I am the twin flame of Kuthumi who is my brother in light. I have had major incarnations on the earth plane and I clearly remember my past so I completely know what and who I Am. I am a teacher and healer of Spirit and Logos. I work with the highest Archangels of LOVE since I was an archangelic projection myself. I communicate with the Teachers of the White Brotherhood and the Archangels daily on the earthly material plane in full form. In this life time I was awakened with satori experiences two times: once when I was twelve years old and for the second time when I was 21 years old. These intense and ecstatic experiences brought me to my Truth, my Past, my Presence and my Future.

I have manifested many healing and spiritual modalities of LOVE / LIGHT / SPIRIT to aid the ascension and enlightenment process of All beings. Currently I hold the vibration and full existence of 352 energy systems, spiritual healing modalities and rays of light. I aim to offer everything in great compassion and LOVE.

I support my material existence through my work so charging money for teaching workshops is within the plan. Nevertheless, you will find out that the money you pay is a very small price with respect to what you receive: powerful attunements, healing sessions, multidimensional clearings and workshop material of the highest quality and effectiveness. These 352 reiki energy workshops and spiritual workshops will enhance your own compassion and understanding of What It All Means!

GEOM * is one of my higher spiritual names. My full name is Giorgos Mylonas and I am having a serene life in my home town Athens, in Greece, beautiful land of the Gods! I am teaching and studying reiki, healing and spirituality full-time while doing various healing and spiritual projects assigned by the Masters of Light.

Since the age of 21 I have been conscious on multiple levels of reality, aiding humanity and the earth. My commitment to the earth and humanity is absolute. I know that my Karma is zero since birth and that I have completed my dharma, enlightenment and ascension process in my past lives on earth and on other dimensions of Reality. Nevertheless, while here, living an ordinary life, I am trying to be as clear and radiant as possible on all levels. I have incarnated voluntarily and consciously along with other teachers to share as much as I can.

My closest teachers and companions are El Morya, St Germain, Daskalos and Johannan (St John). In addition, I have a very special spiritual bond of love with Jeshua the Christ and Beloved Mother Mary who have rescued my life for so many times!

I hope that my Truth and my Light, a Reflection of All That Is, reaches your heart!

Geom's Workshops:

All of the material in my Workshops where channeled in the Greek Language which carries a very high spiritual vibration. If you would like to order a workshop and attunement you should be willing to wait approximately a week's time so that we can prepare the manuals in English. Please keep in mind that English is not my primary language so please forgive me for any language/grammatical mistakes etc. Thank You for your Understanding! I hope you really enjoy, learn and proceed forwards with what I and the other teachers of LIGHT offer. Thank You Again! LOVE, GEOM*

This is a list of the energy systems I have created, manifested and channeled over the last 5 years. They have aided me and those around me on many levels and issues and they are part of my journey. I know that they will be healing and enlightening for you and for all of those around you too!

Traditional and Modern Reiki Mastery (Advanced & Extended Reiki Course)

Advanced Karuna Sei-Sei
Alpha and Omega Reiki
Ancient Greek Reiki
Angelic Kabbalah Reiki
Angellic Shakti
Angelic Vajra
Angelic-Light Reiki Ray (see Reiki Rays)
Archangelic Reiki
Archangelic Shamballa (see Shamballa Ascension)
Archangelic First Light
Diamond Reiki (see Sacred Energy Empowerments)
Divine Seals
Eternal Om
Etherial Aura-Soma Reiki
Higher Self Reiki
I Am Presence Reiki (see Shamballa Ascension)
Instant Reiki (See Elshiel)
Kahokia Reiki Ray (see Reiki Rays)
Kundalini Reiki Dancing Meditation
Mahatma Ascension
Mahatma Shamballa (see Shamballa Ascension)
Mahamudra Reiki
Mantra Reiki
Mayan Reiki
Melchizedek's Sacred Symbols
Merkabah Reiki
Nirvana Ecstasy
Personal Master Symbols
Pure Reiki (See Elshiel)
Rakama Reiki
Rama Sekhem
RayKey (see Reiki Rays)
Reality Fusion
Reiki Dimensions
Reiki Rays
Reiju Reiki
Reiki Soma
Sacred Energy Empowerments
Sakara Reiki Ray (see Reiki Rays)
Shamballa 352 (see Shamballa Ascension)
Shamballa Ascension - Multidimensional Reiki
Sophiel Reiki Ray (see Reiki Rays)
Sun Empowerment
TeraEthnika / HomoEcstasis
The Ganesha Empowerment
The Healing Buddha Empowerment
The Kali amd Qwan Yin Empowerment
Tibetan Mahakaruna Soulstars
Total Consciousness Healing
Transcendental Shamballa (see Shamballa Ascension)
Usui Satori
Vajra Reiki
White Light and Golden Light Empowerments
Zen Reiki

LOVE to All - Love is All

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