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"Hyper Reiki" (or "Hyper Reiki Rays") consists of 5 energy healing systems:

* PYR Reiki Ray

* YDOR Reiki Ray

* YLI Reiki Ray

* Aggeliko Fos Reiki Ray

* Key Ray


The Hyper Reiki Rays were channeled by Geom!* (spiritual name of Georgios Mylonas, Reiki Teacher from Athens, Greece) in the year 2000, during a long and intense period of daily esoteric study, continuous meditation practice and accelerated spiritual work, which resulted in the manifestation and grounding of many new and advanced reiki energies and systems for spiritual healing, personal growth and advancement.



* PYR Reiki Ray acts as Fire. It is highly cleansing, purifying and detoxifying. It burns out all toxins and it releases all negative thoughts, emotions and elementals.

* PYR can be used for spiritual and etheric clearing, cleansing, purification and even exorcism; the release of even the darkest, most negative, toxic and heavy energies, thought-forms and elementals.

* PYR consists of Red Energies. All PYR Symbols are best visualized in powerful bright red colors.

* PYR is a higher stratum of reiki life-force healing energy. It works primarily on the mental level. It can release stereotypes, negative beliefs and mental blockages. It energizes the cells of the brain and positively influences the entire nervous system. It can have a positive impact on issues related to blood and also a healing impact on sexual problems.

* PYR is a highly protective energy. It can be used for any space clearing, including your home and work.

* PYR offers Sexual Energy Enhancement, boosting and rebalancing the natural driving forces of LIFE.



* YDOR is Water Energy – The Ray of Archangel Gabriel.

* YDOR Reiki Ray acts as Water. It is gentle, flowing and life-giving. It replenishes our energy. It quenches our emotional thirst.

* It is a highly comforting energy.

* Together with PYR, YDOR can be used for spiritual and etheric clearing, cleansing and purification. It flashed out all negative, toxic and heavy energies, thought-forms and elementals.

* YDOR consists of Blue Energies. All YDOR Symbols are best visualized in bright blue colors.

* YDOR is a higher stratum of reiki life-force healing energy. It works primarily on the emotional and psychic level.

* YDOR can release psychic debris, negative psychic ties, emotional pain, burdens and blockages. It energizes the heart, the lungs, the chest and the throat area. It may have a positive impact on respiratory problems and also a healing impact on relationship issues.

* It is highly effective and beneficial in clearing out fear, stress, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unforgiveness and sadness.

* YDOR offers a boost in Joy and Peace, opening the heart to the wisdom and love of the Soul.



* YLI means MATTER and it is the Energy of Alchemy.

Alchemy means transmutation, the transformation of lower negative energies into higher spiritual vital light.

It is the combined power of 3 Divine Rays:

The Violet Ray of Archangel Zadkiel
The Green Ray of Archangel Raphael
The Silver Ray of Archangel Uriel.

It is a Triple Reiki Ray, a Silver-Green-Violet Ray.

* YLI works directly on the earth plane, on matter. It affects matter in the most loving, wise and healing way.

* YLI brings an instant change of mood, it uplifts and brings clarity and inspiration.

* YLI transmutes heavy stuck ill fearful stressed sad negative energies into higher positive flowing peaceful joyful loving healing vital light.

* YLI is a higher stratum of reiki life-force healing energy. It works primarily on the cellular and molecular level. It is used for cellular energy healing. It releases cellular blocks. It brings healing benefits on all levels.



* Aggeliko Fos is Air, Ether and Spirit Energies – The Ray of Archangel Raphael.

* Aggeliko Fos is highly cleansing, purifying and detoxifying. It removes all negativity from all levels of being.

* Aggeliko Fos consists of Turquoise Energies. All Aggeliko Fos Symbols are best visualized in joyful and loving turquoise colors.

* Aggeliko Fos is a higher stratum of reiki life-force healing energy. It works primarily on the spiritual and soul level. It can be used to heal karmic issues, connect to your higher self and soul and receive divine direction, guidance and purpose.

* Aggeliko Fos offers Spiritual Empowerment and Soul reconnection and realignment.

* It is the energy of the Angels of Healing.

* Offer support, care and love on all levels.


KeyRay consists of seven energy symbols to heal the seven major energy centers of the etheric body, the chakras and their related issues. The sacred energy symbols clear, purify, awaken, activate, empower, heal, balance and harmonize our seven basic centers of life energy. As a result, more life-force energy flows easily and abundantly within and around the body, enhancing health and overall well-being on all levels.

Levels: 5, each ray has one level

Symbols: 22 in total

Founder: GEOM!* (Georgios Mylonas), 2000

Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or Reiki Master

Cost: 275 euros - all 5 reiki rays.


Course Fees Include:

* A detailed Manual of the Course (e-mailed).

* A Certificate of Completion (e-mailed).

* Lineage: The spiritual line of the teachers back to the founder of the system.

* Distant Initiation / Attunements of the Course sent energetically with Love.
The initiations sent by the Teacher of Reiki University are the most powerful since all systems have been upgraded to a new and higher healing level, so that they can be the most empowering they can be!

* Support after the workshop, to share experiences, answer questions & guidance/energy for further cleansing, multidimensional healing and empowerment. 


Price: 275 €