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From the manual:

Environmental imprinting occurs in a divine manner, which to provide a valuable means of evolution and learning as a ''whole''. It is the manner in which all is composed, and in which all will eventually evolve; of many minds within a unified existence. Those unified by the greatest of man, within the creation of mans thoughts, emotions, experiences, which one creates; that which all exist. Our existence is bond by all; such is our actions and experiences, though different in nature, with one divine goal, created through many. Therefore it is of love in which we all learn, and in the means of learning, which we will all imprint that of our environment to bring forth the process of evolution.

As we imprint that of which we learn, we move forth towards that of a new world and perception in which will benefit all. Our thoughts are unified by our imprints, those we all relate affecting us as a whole in the manner needed. Our energy constantly processing; which we can not see to gain greater knowledge. To perceive that we are separate in nature, that the world harbors much negativity and prejudices; is no separate of the unity in which it's been created. As this is no longer needed, those frequencies in which we exist and alter are imprinting the environment, creating a new way of life and a new perception in which we experience.


Levels: 1
Symbols: 3
Founder: Gloria Gladbach, 2008
Prerequisites: Reiki 1 or above



Price: 45 €