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This system of energies has evolved through many years of
meditation, studying metaphysics, practicing reiki,
receiving numerous attunements, activations and
empowerments to many reiki modalities and other forms of
energy healing, (too many to list here) in addition to a
personal Reconnection (Dr. Eric Pearl), a Cosmic Bio-
Energy Activation and more recently, the Grace Light
Empowerment. Being an active participant in many global
meditations to channel healing energies to the earth has
also opened me up greatly to higher realms and energies.
Many angels, ascended masters, spirit, animal, tree and
crystal guides have assisted and nudged me along the way.
I also believe Pleadians, Arcturians, Andromedans and
other highly evolved beings are assisting all of us at this


Through Divine Intervention and a series of
synchronicities, I was thrust on my spiritual path in the
early 90’s. Meditation, yoga, metaphysical and holistic
health studies led me to energy healing and reiki. I have
also always been fascinated by and focused on the angelic
realm. Although the angels don’t normally communicate
with me directly, I do get many signs and messages from
them and they appear to me in the clouds all the time.
Guidance has told me that I am an “angel from the stars”
and I was given the name Starangel. Although I feel far
from angelic, a psychic friend claims to have seen my
etheric wings.:)


After my personal Reconnection, I started channeling star
energies for healing. The energies are of a higher vibration
and are usually gold in color, but can be violet, blue, white,
green and pink also.


I have received many personal symbols over the years, but
there are 3 symbols that have I have used consistently, the
five-pointed star, an angel symbol and the diamond shape.
The star can also appear as a six-pointed Star of David (as
above, so below) and more recently as a four-pointed
Ascension star. At this past Labor Day weekend’s Reiki
Retreat, I was given an attunement under the stars, by the
stars, and was shown new ways to use these symbols.
This system is a work in progress and more information
and higher vibrational energies will come through as we
work with it.

To become attuned to this system, you should be at least a
Reiki II practitioner. To pass this system on to others you
should be a Reiki Master.


(by Robin J. Shelp)




Levels: 1
Symbols: 5
Founder: Robin J. Shelp, 2008
Prerequisites: Reiki 2 or above




Price: 55 €