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CHITI represents Chi (internal energy of a person) and Ti
(mother earth).

REIKI is a well known modality of Healing with Universal Life
force Energy.

I received CHITI REIKI symbols one by one in 1999 while
conducting classes of Reiki 3. These symbols came one by one as
per the need of each student and I went on giving them to the
student concerned.

Later I found that they are useful for all in similar situations
and then I got command from masters to call this group of symbols
as CHITI REIKI. This is how Chiti Reiki came into existence.
As we know there are many spirit guides around us who keep
guiding us at different times. These symbols too came from
different guides at different times, so, I thank all of them for giving
these symbols to Humanity.

The minimum ability required to receive CHITI REIKI is Reiki
3. Any person who has learned Reiki 3 can go ahead to take the
training and attunement of Chiti Reiki. This is given in person and
by email.


Levels: 1
Symbols: 14
Dr. Rekhaa Kale, 2008
Prerequisites: Reiki 3


Price: 55 €