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This energytransfer in one Happilogy and Inspiration empowerment is to
bring together two beautiful and powerful words and to make their energy
frequences much easier to handle and more accessible:
Happilogy and Inspiration.

This system will strengthen your feelings of joy and happiness and eventually
by doing so it will make your energy system forget about moodyness,
feelings of being tired and/or bored. This empowerment is created to make
you forget about all the heaviness in this life, to survive and overcome any
blockages and also litererally lay one´s hands on soul inspired ´´work´´
wether it´s in a healers life or in an ordinary day-job.

This system and the belonging energies will inspire your soul to stay alive,
keep its youth and carrie out joyfull sparkles of your soul and spirit.
It's supposed to be uplifting and joyful.

The strengthened feelings of happiness, joy, enthousiasm, will level you
upwards so you can open up your heart desires, it will make you interested
and eager to go after things you could call soul inspired work. With joy,
happiness and inspiration.

The two words Happilogy and Inspiration are simple reminders to help you
focus on your personal manifestation process.

Interpret these two words as you wish and see if they can be useful as you
take your steps into a more fullfilling personal manifestation process.


Levels: 1
Symbols: 1
Founder: Carlijn Christina
, 2008
Prerequisites: Reiki 1 or above


Price: 25 €