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Using the dolphin energy to harness sound is
one of the most powerful ways to heal,
harmonize and unite your lower self with your
higher self. The dolphins brought me this
empowerment during a meditation and
presented me with the information during
conversations with Shari Rain Carter, my orca
sista, and during a dolphin healing full moon
meditation in Fort Myers, Florida. They all
wanted to add drumming, this was what the
dolphins gave me, then told me that it is a
empowerment and that it can be done by any
one in a group setting or not. That to do this
in this fashion would unite their lower
vibrations with the higher vibrations and cause
unity, synchronicity. While harnessing the
ability to break free of that which keeps us
from moving ahead. Pink, which represents the
heart chakra, is the middle point between the
upper and lower charkas, and will unite the
lower and upper charkas if it is healed,
balanced and aligned.


Levels: 1
Symbols: None
Founder: Shanti Johnson
, 2007
Prerequisites: Dolphin Reiki


Price: 25 €