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The purpose of the Abundance Flush is to clear out negative thought-forms and
energies surrounding abundance and prosperity. The Abundance Flush comes in
two levels: The first flush helps releases the old negative energy. The second
helps create a magnetic field around the individual to draw in more opportunities
and prosperity.

This energy is not about manifesting a million dollars or a large mansion for
yourself out of thin air. This energy is about bringing in what you need so you can
live a productive, comfortable life.

When you feel truly abundant, you find appreciation in everything around you, no
matter how small or seemingly insignificant. A poor person who feels rich in the
heart is happier than a rich person who has no love in life. Focusing solely on
worldly possessions and a high net worth ultimately creates a poverty of spirit.
Expanding the definition of abundance to go beyond material objects such as
luxury cars and large houses allows for a more free-flowing energy to take hold,
one that brings unique and amazing gifts that are just right for the individual.
In using this energy, you will naturally start to feel more gratitude at the blessings
in your life. You will start to see the abundance that you already have. And, you
will also be able to better recognize your own gifts and talents, so you can share
them with the world and receive blessings in return.


The Abundance Flush system can work quite quickly and bring positive results in
a short period of time. Benefits include:

1. Increased ability to earn money.
2. A deeper connection with the intuitive nature, thus allowing the person to
be in the “right place and the right time” for opportunities to arise.
3. An improved magnetic field and aura that will draw positive people and
prosperity to you.


Levels: 2
Symbols: None
Founder: Stephanie Brail, 2008
Prerequisites: None


Price: 35 €