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Light of Truth Reiki can be activated like any regular form of Reiki, through intent
or by focusing on a symbol. You can use Light of Truth Reiki in regular healing
sessions and on any area of the body. (The head is the best place to use it,
however.) It is particularly suited to distance healing.

The main use of Light of Truth Reiki is to help the recipient become clearer on
what is good and right for them in their lives. If you've ever noticed someone
self-sabotaging by clinging to a horrible relationship or staying in a bad job, you
now have a good idea of who Light of Truth Reiki can really help.

We all put blinders on in various ways out of fear. Light of Truth Reiki will help
release the fear and allow the truth to enter in a gentle and appropriate way.
Light of Truth Reiki is an excellent energy to use if you want to improve your
intuitive faculties: You can only be accurate in your intuitions if you are ready to
hear and see the truth and not just what you want to see.


The benefits of Light of Truth Reiki are as follows:

1. Improved personal clarity; less confusion.
2. Better peace of mind.
3. More trust in the self and the universe.
4. Heightened intuition.
5. A more balanced perspective on life.

By using Light of Truth Reiki regularly, you can transform a lot of issues. You can
find clarity on life purpose, end confusion over a romantic partner, and even see
the other side of things. In other words, when you get clearer on your own
personal truth, it is easier to see and accept other people's truths.

Self-honesty is an important step in the path to spiritual wholeness. Light of Truth
Reiki can be a wonderful gift to help develop honesty within the self. From that
honesty comes a personal integrity that strengthens and ennobles the individual.


Levels: 1
Symbols: 1
Founder: Stephanie Brail, 2007
Prerequisites: Reiki 2 or 3


Price: 35 €