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Bio-G is a newly channelled Healing Shakti, which quickly and
effectively allows the body to reset itself back to a natural state of
peace and equilibrium.

All too often our busy and complicated lives frequently encounter
situations, which play havoc with our physical and emotional being.
This is most noticeably manifests as STRESS and creates such
STRESS-RELATED conditions (Headaches, Eczema, IBS).

Therefore, the aim of the Bio-G energy floods the body with a very
gentle and warming energy which promotes relaxation and eases signs
of stress, which in turn, may also be of benefit to stress-related
physical/emotional ailments.

The basis of the Bio-G healing energy is that of a very simple and
gentle form of BIOFEEDBACK therapy.

Levels: 1
Symbols: 1
Carolynn Lloyd, 2006
Prerequisite: None


Price: 50 €