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The Phoenix represents Rising above life's challenges and
circumstances whether this is Financial, Relationships, and Health
etc. This beautiful bird of Myth and Magic is generally seen in the
colors of red, golden yellow, and sometimes the Phoenix will have a
slight tint of orange in its plumage.

On rare occasions the Phoenix may have hints of other colors, but in
general the Phoenix will always appear predominately red and
golden yellow.

Since ancient times, the Phoenix has been considered a sun bird.
Associated with the sun Gods, the Phoenix will catch fire at the end
of its life only to return rising from the Ashes being reborn again to
fly to the sun. Therefore, the Phoenix is a bird that comes from the
power of the Sun, fire and air, and represents purification as well as
rebirth and transformation.

The actual colors of power are red and yellow.

The Phoenix Rising Reiki system works with these colors and the
elements for visualization in focusing or directing the energies to
clear negativity and infuse courage, strength, endurance, and rising
above life’s challenges.

The Phoenix Rising attunement will burn away any negative thought
patterns you have acquired during this lifetime and past lifetimes
that are no longer needed.

Through the Attunement these Negative Thought Patterns are
released to be transformed into positive energies. By letting go of
these negative thought forms, you can then begin to allow the
positive things that the Universe has for us to come into us.

Levels: 1
Symbols: 1
Founder: Linda C. Colibert, 2006
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3

Price: 35 €