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Selaras means " in a state of harmony". This reiki system was developed
by Indonesian Masters Anindyo Widito and Arif Timor in 2004 after a
series of meditation and experimentation in search for a reiki form
which will open our energy channels, activate all of our chakras and
activate our kundalini in a safe,harmonious manner.

Attunements to Reiki Selaras will do all those, instead of activating
only some of our major chakras (in traditional Reiki attunements, the
lower chakras are not activated, while kundalini activation could
take a long time to happen).

In addition, an etheric crystal (called Selaras crystal) will be placed
on our crown chakra. This crystal will amplify and purify the energy we
channel for healing, etc.

There is no prerequisite to study Reiki Selaras. In Indonesia, hundreds
of people with no previous energywork experience have been attuned to
this energy.

Levels: 4
Symbols: 1
Founder: Anindyo Widito, 2006
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3


Price: 45 €