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Prime Reiki is also known as Pusaka Ki. It was founded and developed by M. Anton Sulistyo and Pusoko KS in a series of energy meditation exercises during December 1999 - June 2002 period. The energy is a combination of a number of different energies:

1. Traditional reiki energy from Mikao Usui lineage
2. A special type of energy exercised and practiced by a lot of martial arts practicioners in Indonesia, generically known as inner power. The exercise involves a lot of breath exercises to maximise and access the energy stored in the hara (tantien) area. This energy is somewhat ‘cruder’ than the reiki and might feel similar to Qigong or pranic energy. In Indonesia, its main use is for physical and psychic defense purposes. Please be cautious when putting this energy into action.
3. A cleansing vortex-like energy, possibly linked with the ancient Maya civilisation in South America. This energy was channeled and added to Prime Reiki by a Javanese spiritualist who prefers to remain anonymous

In October 2001, M. Anton Sulistyo created Prime Moment and introduced it to the Peace_on_Earth_ reiki community, making the energy accessible through self-attunement using the Moment Method. Prime Reiki or Pusaka Ki has three levels: level one, level two (personal master), level three (master/teacher). Self attunement using Moment will give you access up to level two. To be authorised to give attunements to other people, you have to get an attunement from a Prime Reiki Master/Teacher.

Levels: 2
Symbols: 5
Founder: Manton Sulistyo & Prianggito Sulistiono, 2006
Prerequisite: Reiki 3

Price: 45 €