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gTumo means sacred fire (Tejas) consists of isoteric, exoteric and mystic originated from Llamas in Tibet. Ever since and up to the late twentieth century, gTumo is highly classified lesson and strictly kept from beyond circumference of Llamas in Tibet.

gTumo is originated from the bibles of China called Mao Shan originally of Shang Jing ideology (1766-1154 B.C) which is initially for health-keeping purpose. At those particular moments, Llamas in Tibet often invaded with black magic and wrapped up in extreme cold weather of Tibet. Therefore, they tried to develop and embrace the bibles into knowledge or ideology to prevent the invasion of black magic within religious thoughts. In Han Dynasty (58 M) where Buddhism is imported from China, Buddhism was conceived by the Prince of Indian called Gautama (558-478 B.C) of which Llamas in Tibet practicing the beliefs as the highest level in achieving perfection or enlightenment. So called gTumo is the pioneer of gTumo today developed by practitioners of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Buddha in America, India and Tibet.

gTumo goes along with Kundalini in regards to Heat Energy of which Nath tradition called Rajas or Surya while in Buddhism known as Red Bodhicitta or Candali in India. Sanskrit Tibetan called as gTumo which means "woman with explosive anger and barely controllable." gTumo and Kundalini is separated energy even though they remain in regarding manner. In digest manner, gTumo shall be incorporated with Kundalini in practice and involves incorporation method as in Kundalini and gTumo Stir.

The Practitioners dividing gTumo in 3 different manners as follow:

1. Gtumo Exoteric
Mastering exoteric gTumo is mostly beneficial in terms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Applying exoteric gTumo is very simple since it does not require any concentration matter as the healing process will occur simultaneously in holistic manner. There are 16 (sixteen) symbols of energy in practice (in Level 2 upwards) which require visualization or depiction in supporting the healing process.

2. Gtumo Isoteric
Isoteric gTumo in intermediate level (second level upwards) applies16 energy patterns (non-symbols) and instead for healing process concentrated, it is effective in non-healing process as well such as spiritual consciousness encouragement, materialization and so forth. Practicing isoteric gTumo would enable the person to survive in extremely cold weather even without any clothes attached like in Lachi Kang, near Everest peak at Himalaya.

3. Gtumo Mystic
Mystic gTumo uses distinctive spell-cast in practice for all occasions within its main purpose to enhance spiritual conscious comprehension. Practicing
mystic gTumo will bringing up tremendous soul satisfaction.

For the record, the number of symbols to acquire should not consider as definite standard because some other gTumo stated there are 24 symbols. More importantly, derive what essentials to be in bibles.

Advanced gTumo taught various application of heat-cooling energy with varied positions of Mudra to empower energy towards unlimited manner.

The author got the Initiations and Methods in gTumo from:

1. Institute Lhama Tzong Khapa from Vajramaster Kuil whom doesn’t want his name to be published (Initial CF tel. 05x/xxxxx4 fax. 05x/xxxx8) lineage Khyungchen Aro Lingma Khandro.
2. A Friend from Surabaya, disciple of a Mix-Clothed Mao Shan Priest (Brother Lim), from his guru, the author got the physic initiation, sign and Vajramaster Hu (amulet) which author presented in this manual.
3. Murray Right (Lhama Zopa Rinpoche’s disciple) lineages Black Garuda FMPT
4. Articles donation from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok.

Beside, author also got the initiation metaphysically (Lama Thubten Yesce Meditation, Cosmic Awareness), gTumo friends, Shri Babaji Nagaraj Meditation for gTumo Exoteric and gTumo Esoteric from Vajramaster Ferizal Syukur, from his master, disciple of Lhama Thubten Yesce.

Levels: 4
Symbols: 16
Founder: Yulius Eka Agung Seputra & Yudha Eka Aputra, 2005
Prerequisite: None

Price: 200 €