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Introduction & Meditation
Chakras & Meditation with the Higher Self and Soul Star Chakra
The Ascension Process
Higher Self Symlpol& Attunement
Higher Self Meditation, Esoteric Interpretation, Four Color Meditation
Reverse Higher Self Symbol
Minor Joy Symbol
Level Two Introduction& Becoming One Symbol
Purifying Kundalini Symbol
Serpent of Fire Symbol/Palm Symbol
Level Three & Cosmic Wheel Symbol
OM Symbol for Embodiment of Oneness
Meditation with the OM symbol
Modified OM Symbol
Water Ceremony
Class Expectatiors & Goals, Working with Guides & Angels
Levels of Self with Meditation with Selves & Symbols
Healing Attunements
Tibetan Empowerment
The Nadis
The Inner Smile Exercise
The Ida & Pingala Balancing
Opening And Balqlncing The Ida And Pingala
Vajrasattva Purification
Vajrasattva Purification Exercise
Tantric Chakra Activation
Opening The Chakras
Attention And Conscious Breathing
Second Exercise
Combination Exercise
Opening The Chakras Through Prayer And Visualization
DumoThe Four Joys
Generating Dumo Heat
Double Breathing
Macrocosmic & MicrocosmicOrbit Circulation
Microcosmic Orbit
Breathing And The Microcosmic Orbit
Macrocosmic Orbit
SecretTeachings & DhadranisTo MedicineBuddha
Secret Dhadrani (Great Spiri\Ua1rormula) To Medicine Buddha
For Manifestation, Freedom Rom Illness, Enliglitenment,
Long Life, And Rebirth Into The Realm Of Medicine 13uddha
Secret Teaching & DhadraniTOThe Seven Medicine King Buddhas
For ManifestatioJl,Protection, Separations From ObstructionsAnd
Afflictions, And Rebirth In A Buddha Realm
Tibetan Mi-Tsung-EnergyMudras
Secret Doctrine & Meditations
The Polished Mirror
Golden Hand Flower
Tibetan Tantra Prana Mudras
Meditation No. I
Meditation No. II
Tibetan Palm Healing
Mudra Part I
Mudra Part II
Ujjayi Pranayam
Blue Pearl Meditation
Himalayan Mudras Palm Healing
Generating Energy
White Crane Palrnliealing Mudras
The Prana Mudra
Using the Ynana Mudra
Prithvi Mudra
Linga Mudra
Using the Linga Mudra
Apana Mudra
Using Apana Mudra

Levels: 3
Symbols: 12
Founder: Joni Brestler, 2005
Prerequisite: None

Price: 250 €