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Aladya - the Angel of revival, regeneration. An angel, giving the second breath to a
body, soul and spirit. It allows us to restore the forces, giving alive energy then when
we feel weakened. At the same time it actuates both reason and intuition, and helps to
get out of the confused situation. These virtues Aladya transfers those who wish to
accept them..

Aladya is ready to help during the moments when we aspire to changes, which still
are not capable to realize, and we test confusion in critical situations.

Aladya helps us find necessary direction, helps us see the correct choice and can be
called on in difficult circumstances. This energy is best used for spiritual
development and growth.

Aladya belongs to grade Seraphs.

After the attunement, you can be engaged in self-treatment, to help another and to
transfer this attunement to others.

Levels: 1
Symbols: None
Founder: Svetlana Perevalova, 2006
Prerequisite: None

Price: 35 €