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Seichim (pronounced say-kim) is said to be the Reiki system as used in ancient
Egypt. It is sometimes called Seichem, Sekhem or SKHM, although some
people believe each spelling relates to a different form of the energy, I personally
don't believe there is any real distinction in these variant spellings and
expressions. The Seichim attunement is very similar to a Reiki attunement, but
brings in a slightly different vibrational energy type, which will always be available
to you while healing. There is no need for you to consciously choose this
alternate energy type, as it will be selected automatically when appropriate,
however you can consciously select it using your Intent if your intuition suggests

In 1979 Patrick Zeigler spent the night in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. During that
night, he was led to understand the healing art of Seichim (SKHM). He first
introduced Seichim to other healers in 1984.

Levels: 1
Symbols: 7
Founder: Patrick Zeigler, 1984
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or above


Price: 150 €