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The Purpose of this Activation is to bring in the knowledge and
Energy that was and is stored into the main Atlantian Crystal which
was kept in the Great Poseidon Healing Temple in Atlantis.

This Crystal is nothing like anything we have here on the Earth it
holds all the ancient information that the Atlatians used.

This included levitation, Telepathy, Manifestation, transportation by
intent and most importantly it holds the key to Earths Ascension.
When this Ascension takes place the Original Atlantian Crystal will
rise from the depths of the ocean to once again guide us during
our New Age of Peace.

This Crystal is still in Existence at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
right in the middle of what is known as the Bermuda Triangle or
Devils Triangle as some people call it.

When there are accounts of disappearances of Planes and Ships
in this area this is not caused by sudden environmental Changes
or other stories that have been told to try to explain what has

What is actually happening is that the Atlantian Crystal is being
activated and transporting the People and Objects into the
Dimension of the Atlantians

There are 4 other smaller atlantian crystals that are situated in
Egypt underneath the great Sphinx, Easter Island, Stonehenge,
and Machu Picchu.

During these activations and disappearances of people in the
vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle these crystals are being energized
and are connecting to the great crystal of Atlantis Via Lay Lines
These Smaller Crystals are situated at Cross sections where Lay
Lines cross each other, Due to this crossing the energy contained
within these crystals is mind-blowing.

As well as these Smaller crystals there are Thousands of much
smaller crystalline structures which are situated along what we call

by Jay M Burrell

Levels: 1
Symbols: None
Founder: Jay M. Burrell, 2006
Prerequisite: None


Price: 45 €