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There is only 1 prerequisite to receiving this attunement and that is you must have been attuned to the Atlantian Crystal activation.

The crystal Skull Activation in the second attunement in a trilogy of attunements that will connect you to the healing energies and knowledge of Atlantis, the Atlantianís and the energy of our Mother Earth.


This Crystal Skull Activation came to me while I was passing the Atlantian Crystal Activation to a Student, I tried to block out the energies and information I was receiving as I was meant to be concentrating on the energies being sent but a gentleman came forward and introduced himself as MOLDOR.

He told me that he was the keeper of the crystal skulls and that now was the time for these skulls to come forward ethericaly to help mankind in the Ascension process that has been going on for thousands of years.

Moldor told me to allow these energies and knowledge to flow through me and that the Atlantian Crystal attunement I was sending would be taken care of.

The Atlantianís live below the Ocean in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean vibrating at a higher level than us, or you could say it is within a parallel universe that is connected to our world but just at a higher vibration than us.

We must remember that Atlantis in its time was a vast continent extending from the Americaís all the way to Europe.

The Main Atlantian Crystal which you will have learned about and been attuned to in the Atlantian Crystal Activation is in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle or Devilís Triangle as some of you call it, but the continent of Atlantis was a lot larger than this small area.

The Atlantian City is still in existence at the bottom of the ocean vibrating at a higher frequency than we are.

The Atlantianís are at a higher level/dimension than we are which is why we cannot detect them but they know we are here and are now coming forward to help us in our spiritual progression and ultimate ascension for Mankind and Mother Earth.

A crystal skull is a stone carving in the shape of a human skull. Some are made of pure quartz crystal, but many are made of other types of stone found in abundance on Earth.

They are endowed with magical powers such as the spontaneous production of holographic images, Ancient knowledge and wisdom about mankindís past present and future.
The Crystal Skull can also help in astral projection, where you will be able to visit other dimensions and worlds.

They also emit a frequency that is called the Earth Frequency.

The Atlantianís used the Crystal Skullís energy and power for all manner of things, they were the Computers of their times, and they held more knowledge within them than we can comprehend.

These skulls still exist on earth now but will only appear when we are advanced enough to use there power and energy for our highest good.

For the time being, these Crystal Skulls are being made available to us ethericaly to help us to bring forward the Original Crystal Skulls.

The Skulls are in the same vicinity of the Atlantian Crystals, these being Stonehenge, Egypt, Machu Picu, and Easter Island. Crystal skulls are a center of radiant psychic energy and have the power to increase happiness and improve people's lives for the better.
The Crystal Skull that you will receive during your Attunement will always be with you, as it is placed above your crown Chakra into your 8th Chakra (Transpersonal Point/Soul Star Chakra) which will be above the Atlantian crystal that is placed into your 7th Chakra or crown chakra.

Through this Activation/Attunement you will always be able to access the energy and knowledge contained within this Ethereal Crystal Skull.

Once attuned to the energies of the Crystal Skull, and have had your own Ethereal Skull placed into your 8th Chakra, this will help you with any and all psychic abilities you may have or may not know you have.

When you use the Crystal Skull during a healing session you will be channeling pure divine energy that travels from the source, through the Skull, then through the Atlantian Crystal you will have already been attuned to, and finally into your heart Chakra, and out of your hands.

Levels: 1
Symbols: None
Founder: Jay M. Burrell, 2006
Prerequisite: Atlantean Crystal Activation


Price: 55 €