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This is not a healing system, but it serves the further development, the
Awakening of hidden talents and the expansion of your possibilities.
The Awakening of the Keepers of the Holy Grail

Many secrets grow up the Holy Grail. So he shall give eternal life and eternal
health, but also be responsible for the well-being of our earth.

He was regarded as a pure legend and also missing for a long time. The interest
in the Grail always left always more and more, only some were interested in

But much has changed in today's time, Natural disasters increase, our life is
always subject to faster impulses, Withdrawal from the religions. The setting of
the world is brought about newly daily. The energies which keep the world in
the balance, further fall always off.

And at this time of radical negative changes, the Grail energies get stronger. No
one was interested in the Grail at the times of the quietness but today he returns
in the consciousness and life of the people.

At earlier times there always were men (and women) that guarded the sacred
Grail, for centuries.

Had these knights of the Grail, the guardians of the sacred goblet left? Have
they died out?


The guardians of the Holy Grail only sleep. Into a select person the energies rest,
waiting to be awakened

Do you also belong to these unusual people?
Do you feel energies which are unusual?
Do you think of the protection of the Grail energies?
Do you also feel competent to become one of the Guardians of the Holy Grail?

By this attunement the sleeping energy is awakened in you, the energy, which
the select guardians of the Grail carry into themselves.

Have these energies awakened in you and protect the Holy Grail so that he
doesn't fall into the false hands and contributes to the setting of the world.

Levels: 1
Symbols: 4
Founder: Bernhard Mielchen & Andrea Baginski, 2006
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3


Price: 45 €