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The Energy of the Seven Pearls of Reiki is a new lineage of Reiki which permits to access the Healing of the Heart. The information in this manual is aimed at all Master Teachers who channels, therefore raising the vibration level of the planet Earth in order to reduce suffering and heal humanity. The ability to channel this energy frequency cannot be learned simply by reading this manual.  Only a registered Master Teacher has the ability to transmit the energy during an Attunement Ritual.


The teaching and the symbol of the Seven Pearls of Reiki has been received by the Reiki Master Michele Blanc, by channeling her guide DJWAL KHUL in 2004. 
Michele received the message that she should initiate the Channel Reiki Master Elise Prévot and that they should work together to channel the additional information to be able to transmit this new tool of transformation. They both meditated and experimented on the specific uses of the symbols in order to develop the Teaching program and the Attunement of the 7 symbols received. The training of the Seven Pearls of Reiki is aimed to all Usui Reiki Masters and helps to improve the quality of care during a treatment. Its main goal is to raise the vibration level of the Initiated but also to raise the mental and spiritual qualities of the Master Practitioner in order to perfect their commitment towards the Divine Plane. This transmission brings us back to our forgotten very ancient sources of knowledge dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria.  It permits us to reconnect to our hidden memories where we already transmitted, the Love Energy of our Diamond Heart.
It also allows us to fill up with the energy of the seven Ascended Masters, while developing our abilities of channelling as well as our healing power. When receiving this wonderful sacred teaching, transmitted by our Ascended Masters, we need to show great humility and wisdom in order to be worthy. During the attunement, our vibration level raises and brings us to a higher compassion, patience, forgiveness and most of all understanding of others. We can no longer judge, critic or interfere: this task seem easy but it is not.  It is when we reach this expansion level of our consciousness, that we must as a guide take responsibility by turning to the light. This is how we can climb the seven steps of wisdom in order to become more worthy of this incredible gift which are the Seven Pearls of Reiki or the Seven Steps of the spirituality which is in direct contact with the divine energies of the seven Ascended Masters. These Masters, wanted to help us, in this great period of planet changes to accelerate our spiritual evolution, to serve and aid all that exists. The Seven Pearls of Reiki is not an entertainment, a trend or even a game.  Great forces are put into play in order for us to access higher and higher vibration levels and to become conscious guides and Reiki Masters of our spiritual responsibilities for the physical and spiritual well-being for the ones who solicits us. The learning of the Seven Pearls of Reiki is an incredible gift offered by the seven Ascended Masters to aid humanity in its spiritual path. Use it well.


Levels: 1
Symbols: 11
Founder: Michelle Blanc & Elise Prevot,2004
Prerequisite: Reiki Master


Price: 100 €