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This is an energy, which I (Helaria) was allowed to channel. I will quote some of the messages which go with this description, since I cannot express it better. In the channelings I am addressed directly, this is why you will find i.e. "your energy" being mentioned in the text. The name of the energy Helarias Light and the including addition energy of the heart were passed on to me in this way by the ones who are involved.

What stands behind this energy?

"Your energy contains protection and strength of Archangel Michael, the all-encompassing love of the virgin Mary, the healing energy of Jesus and the radiant light of the Sun God Helios, in which these three energies unite."

"I am guardian/ keeper of the energy and stand in the background. Be open for my messages as well. I will also be glad to accompany you with Helarias Licht as I accompany you, anyway. So listen and see what is yet to come. I am with you."
For whom and for what is this energy intended?

"Your energy will be a sign of love and healing. (...) It is especially for healers and for those, who want to experience love and healing. (...)"

"(...) Those who love are healers. Healing is no mystery or a privilege for a few individuals. Love and  you heal.(...)"

Thus, the energy is available to  a l l  beings. There are no particular requirements. Since the energy is comparatively strong, it would be beneficial to you if you had been initiated into another energy or if you had done some other form of energy work, prior. But this is no requirement.

What happens during a session/ initiation?

"(...) Filled with power, filled with warmth, filled with love: this is how the rays make their way and give off your energy. They illuminate and pervade the body.(...)"

Levels: 1
Symbols: None 
Founder: Helaria Sophia (Nicole Maria Herrmann), 2006
Prerequisite: Reiki 1 or above


Price: 45 €