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This is the ultimate energetic gift to your self and the ones around you! A
true blessing of light and love!

Receive 21 powerful energy healing sessions to completely cleanse and empower
your self and to restore balance and harmony on all levels.

You will be receiving 21 consecutive distant sessions of reiki energy healing,
one session per day.

Each sessions is done with the greatest and the highest love and care and for
your greatest and highest good!


This program of 21 daily reiki sessions will help you:


- clear and empower your energy body and aura

- clear and balance your energy centers

- uplift your energetic frequency

- release lower energies and frequencies

- be more protected on the energetic level

- clear you mind and emotional body

- increase your vitality and overall wellbeing

- feel more alive and vibrant

- feel greater peace and joy

- receive spiritual guidance

- follow your path

- be more grounded, focused and centered

- feel rejuvenated and renewed

- attract more of the good and positive things in life

- experience higher states of fulfillment, wholeness and

Multiple benefits on all levels and spiritual gifts of all kinds follow this
life-changing program of 21 sessions.


This program does not include any personal report or
energetic diagnosis, but there is contact and communication throughout the
program and after its completion, if the receiver wishes it. Before we start,
the receiver also will send an issue or a list of things he/she wants to energetically
work on, to cleanse and heal. Also, what he/she wants to manifest and
experience in the following days and months.     

Fee: 350 euros -  for all 21 advanced distant sessions of reiki
energy healing.



Price: 350 €