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What are Seed Crystals?

The Lemurian Priests was able to set up a bounding to the Seed Crystals. Lemurian Seed Crystals were used to build bridges and homes, as well as heat water. Some of the Crystals were also used as tools, others were used to help in spiritual healing work and others were used in the dissolution of Karmic strands and are still today important for people who have had a former Lemurian incarnation with some karmic Lemurian bounds.
The Symbols in this system have the spiritual essence of some of these crystals.
Shortly after I received the Lemurian Facilitator attunement, I got in contact with the Lemurian Priests.
On the 3rd of August 2005, I received from the Lemurian Priest the following 6 symbols with the order to pass these Energies onto Students who have already received the Lemurian Facilitator Energies.
For the use of the Crystals they gave the following information in a channelling session:

“These symbols are to be used in meditation and healing to help the development of the lightbody and for unifying the soul.
Use them with physical crystals or without them. Discover their possibilities and work with them.
Grow with them! We will stand at your side and support you appropriately.”

In love and in unity, in light.
Carola Hundt

Levels: 2
Symbols: 13
Founders: Carola Hundt & Angela Grötsch, 2005
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3 and Lemurian Facilitator


Price: 55 €