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During my practise as a Reiki-master/teacher, I have been amazed a lot about the discussions in which people were arguing about the treatment of people with cancer. I have been thought, and I do have that conviction, that we as lightworkers are only the channels to pass the energy, and that Reiki is an intelligent energy, which will do what is the best for the person who will receive it. When I received a request to send Reiki to somebody who was suffering from cancer, it was clear to me that I would try to help as much as I could. Of course, Reiki can never take the place of the regular medical world, which I did make very clear to that person. They assured me that the patient would go all the way through the regular medical circuit as well, so there wasn’t any obstruction left. By making combinations of the severals forms from Reiki, in which I am master/teacher, I achieved the best results for this patient. I did meditation as much as I could and asked God and the Ascended Masters for helping my patient as good as possible. During this process I received symbols and instructions and in July 2005 I got the message that I was allowed to put all this together in a new system. Although I am convinced by the results of this system, I also feel that it is still developing and I won’t be amazed if I would receive more instructions.

Mery Wolbers

Levels: 3
Symbols: 3
Founder: Mery Wolbers, 2005
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3

Price: 100 €