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Sacred Symbol empowerment is an invaluable attunement for spiritual healers and people practicing Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui as well as those holding Mandala and Sacred Geometry Workshops or therapists and artists working with sacred shapes to bring about deep healing and improve the living environment in their homes or other peopleís homes. Sacred Geometric shapes have long been used to raise energy vibrations in sacred places and thereby bring about spiritual, mental and physical health in the people who are living in these places. Geometric shapes mirror specific energy vibration patterns reflecting the universal language and carrying a specific message. The vibrations within sacred symbols reflect different vibrational levels of the universe and thereby connect and attune the object or person the symbol has been drawn on to a different vibrational level, which corresponds to the energy patterns of the symbol. Sacred geometry and symbols are often associated with the vibrations of numbers because they have a specific numerical pattern behind them. All ancient civilisations used specific sacred symbols to invocate the Gods to give them power, protection, food etc. and many of todayís remnants of sacred places bear the meaning and vibration of the symbol that they have imprinted on them. Some of the most famous symbols include the om and symbol as well as the wheel of life, the flower of life, Metatronís cube and many more.

Sacred symbol empowerment is an attunement that helps you to work with symbols and unleash their healing power with the help of Archangel Raziel, who is the angel helping people to work with sacred symbols and assisting in the attunement of places to specific vibrational energy patterns. With the help and the empowerment symbol of Archangel Raziel you can amplify the healing power of any sacred symbol you want to use for healing as well as for the attunement of places to specific vibrational patterns. The attunement to Archangel Raziel will also help you in your artistic work when choosing patterns, shapes, forms and colours for healing with sacred geometry, painting, architecture and interior design. 

by E. Peca , V. Glanckopf 

Levels:  1
Symbols: 2
Founder:  E. Peca, V. Glanckopf, 2005
Prerequisite: None

Price: 35 €