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Tiger Reiki was initially channeled by Korey Long. The initial energy
was used by "intent" only (no symbols or manual). I have since
expanded the system to include the symbols and other practices in
this manual.

According to the founder, Tiger Reiki "helps to balance those who
work with it as well as those receiving it. It is excellent in use for
meditation and adds a sense of 'aggressiveness' in working to heal
via this energy. Even with this admission, it also is a very soothing
energy as well."

Tiger Reiki is a powerful energy, not just through its the connection
with the tiger but its symbolism. The tiger has an important place in
the mythology of many world religions and regions.

by Stephanie Brail

Levels: 1
Symbols: 2
Founder: Korey Long, Stephanie Brail, 2005
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or Reiki 3

Price: 25 €