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Total Consciousness Healing

Personal Distant Healing Session



This is a full-spectrum healing session which takes 48 hours to complete and it is done from a distance. During these 48 intensive hours teacher GEOM!*, the Archangels and the Infinite and Loving Spiritual Source release all that is NOT in your highest good and your total happiness while they empower all that is

Love, Light and Divine within and around You.   


This is the ultimate healing & cleansing session and holistic energy empowerment

you can receive within all levels of your Self and in every area of your life.



Specifically it involves:


Complete Chakra Clearing

Clearing and Empowerment of the Seven Energy Bodies

Auric Healing with life-force vitality and energy

Auric Cleansing from all negative elementals

Auric Sealing to prevent loss of energy

Development of the Divine and Enlightened LightBody

Cleansing of the DNA and Manifestation of the Divine DNA
Past Lives Clearing

Parallel Lives Clearing

Karmic Clearing

Relationship Healing on All Levels

Forgiveness and Release Empowerment

Healing of the Future

Healing of Birth

Twin Flame Healing

Twin Souls Cleansing

Higher Self Level Healing, Soul Level Healing and Monadic Level Healing

Clearing of the Subconscious from All Limiting Programs

Dark / Negative Forces and Dark / Negative Energies Clearing from All Levels

Connection to the Archangels

Connection to the I AM Divine Presence of God

100 % Love Development

100 % Wisdom Development

100 % Power Development

12 Rays Healing

Abundance Clearing and Healing

Total Grounding and Centering

Ego Clearing

Higher Chakras Clearing

Higher Bodies Clearing

Connection to the Source

Divine Guidance Connection

Angelic Healing and Angelic Connection

Cellular Regeneration and Cellular Enlightenment

Antahkarana Healing

Mahatma Healing

Elemental Healing

Meridian Clearing

Memory Clearing

Spiritual Awakening

Talents Awakening

Unknown Aspects of the Self Clearing and Healing

Inner Child Healing

Male/Female Balance

Hara Empowerment

Kundalini Clearing

Clearing of Love-Life

Family Clearing

Working Environment Clearing

Purpose of Life Alignment

Habits and Dependencies Clearing 

Negative Personality Traits Clearing

Limiting and Negative Vows and Contracts Removal

Increased Vitality Empowerment

Meditation Empowerment

Visualization Empowerment

Intuition and Psychic Wisdom and Power Empowerment

White Light Healing

Golden Light Healing

Shamballah Diamond Healing

Quantum Multidimensional Clearing of the Whole Self

Quantum Multidimensional Healing of the Whole Self

Total Consciousness Empowerment and Expansion


The Total Consciousness Healing Distant Session is delivered by GEOM!*,

the Holy Archangels and the Masters of Light. This is a unique healing, clearing and overall empowerment like never before. You can feel the totally positive effects of total freedom and bliss for many months and even many years after it is delivered. It is done only once in a life-time and it is the biggest gift a human being can give to another human being. You have never felt so light, pure and serene before! This is quantum rejuvenation of the Whole Self into higher light/life/love. This session guides you in your path and opens the doors to the kind of spiritual happiness your heart truly desires. A great number of people have enjoyed the multiple benefits, gifts and endless positive results of Total Consciousness Healing by GEOM!* and the All-Knowing Spirit.   


You will never be the same again! Divine Self is Permanently Awakened. The only word that can describe Total Consciousness is Freedom! Freedom from the past, freedom from the lower, the negative and the dark, freedom from restaints.     

No manual or notes are provided, to prevent re-identification with the Prior (with respects to the Total Consciousness) Self.

350 euros: Fee for one complete personal distant session of Total Consciousness Healing which lasts approximately 48 hours.    


May you offer this supreme gift to yourself and the ones you love.

and 1000 blessings


Price: 350 €