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Lightarian AngelLinks TM

Unique Guideship Connections with the highest Angelic Realms

The five Lightarian AngelLinks tm create permanent energetic connections for you with each of five members of an angelic group energy that we call the "A-Team"...consisting of a Seraph and four Archangels. These five angelic beings have devoted themselves to working intimately and powerfully with those who receive the AngelLink attunements. Via the AngelLinks tm , their focus is to help you embody and expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy in your life. In addition to these five major angelic qualities that are provided, each angelic being will be a guide for you in other specialized ways...such as assisting you in navigating within the etheric realms, supporting you with divine healing, "lighting your way" into the future time, stimulating your creative expression and making your communications more effective!
Through their permanent energetic connections with you, the "A-Team" of Seraph Rose Aura and Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel will provide angelic inspiration and support, while encouraging you to express these divine qualities in all areas of your life.

Seraph Rose Aura's AngelLink tm for unconditional love... From the highest level of the Angelic Realms called the Seraphim, a Seraph by the name of Rose Aura has stepped forward to spread the angelic quality of purest unconditional love to humanity. Via her AngelLink connection with you, an "angelic flame of unconditional love" will be placed into your heart space, fully radiate through your energy fields and then ripple out into all areas of your experience. Afterwards, Rose Aura will be working in your "etheric background" as an Angelic Guide to assist you in all matters of the heart...especially the expansion of unconditional love of self and others. The Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink represents "our Lightarian doorway" into the energetic level of the Archangels and is a prerequisite for receiving further AngelLinks.

The four Archangel AngelLinks... After receiving your Rose Aura connection, additional AngelLinks are available for creating more specialized etheric links with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel.

All of the AngelLinks are designed to create extraordinary connections for you with these members of the Angelic Realms...connections that are much deeper than the angelic contacts that humans have long been experiencing. We see these linkages with Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels to be of an especially fine-tuned, extremely high vibration and permanent nature...very different from the more traditional "telepathic and etheric interactions" that many individuals already have with the Angels. With these qualities of [1] fine-tuned, [2] highest vibration and [3] permanence as a basis for their connections with us, these angelic energies can more effectively support us regarding their energetic themes of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, joy, etc. Each of these AngelLinks sets up a very special linkage within your energy fields to create a new, direct and permanent connection, permitting you and these angelic beings to work together more powerfully.

The Seraph Rose Aura Link is the prerequisite for the four other Archangel Links which can then be taken in any order.

The five AngelLinks are

Seraph Rose Aura
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Uriel

Levels: Lightarian AngelLinks: 5 Links
Symbols: No Symbols Used
Founder: Jeannine Marie Jelm and Christoper Jelm, 1997
Prerequisite: Reiki Master Teacher

Course Fees Include

* A detailed Manual of the Course (mailed to your address).
* A Certificate of Completion (e-mailed to you).
* Lineage: The spiritual line of the teachers back to the founder of the system.
* Distant Initiation / Attunements of the Course sent energetically with Love.
The initiations sent by the Master - Teachers of Reiki University are the most powerful since all systems have been upgraded to a new advanced healing level so that they can be the most empowering they can be!
* A Healing Attunement sent energetically one day after the Initiatory Attunements for Personal Cleansing, Healing and Empowerment.  Clears the charkas and the energy channels and addresses our specific personal needs.
* A complete Healing Session which is sent energetically seven days after the Initiatory Attunements for the integration and assimilation of the course. This beautiful energy session is personal and it grounds the power and wisdom of the Self. It harmonizes and balances your energy on all levels. It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating personal energy cleansing and energy healing sent with much light and LOVE. 

Price: 180 €