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Imara Reiki is Reiki modality of a higher vibration energy level than most common Reiki modalities, and the method will only work in the full strength if you are decently attuned to it.

In some aspects, the healing energy of Reiki can split up into vibration (frequency) bands. Imara Reiki is a "Level 5" on the "Reiki scale".

For comparison reasons only: Traditional Usui Reiki is level 1-3 (First grade, second grade and Master hood) and Karuna Reiki is considered Level 4.

In some modalities, the healing energies of Reiki are split up into vibration bands. For those familiar with that system: Usui Reiki takes up the first band, Karuna Reiki occupies the second band, and Imara Reiki is from the third band.

As you will find out, this is an intense form of Reiki energy.

The energy has a slightly different feel and:

Imara Reiki does NOT need symbols
Imara Reiki uses a new & easy attunement process
Most users experience a Strong Spiritual Connection (with ascended beings, angels, etc.)
Imara Reiki is known for its capability to heal past life issues
Imara Reiki is very capable of healing repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma)
Imara Reiki has proven itself in the area of healing issues that are not on the conscious mind yet still effects you
Imara Reiki uses a strongly simplified and intensified distance healing procedure
And last but not least, it is very common for both the giver and the receiver to perceive information during healing

The name "Imara" basically means "more"…hence, Imara Reiki - More Reiki.

Levels: 1
Symbols: No Symbols Used
Founder: Barton Wendel, 1990
Prerequisite: Reiki Master and Karuna or Karuna-Ki

Course Fees Include

* A detailed Manual of the Course (e-mailed to you).
* A Certificate of Completion (e-mailed to you).
* Lineage: The spiritual line of the teachers back to the founder of the system.
* Distant Initiation / Attunements of the Course sent energetically with Love.
The initiations sent by the Master - Teachers of Reiki University are the most powerful since all systems have been upgraded to a new advanced healing level so that they can be the most empowering they can be!
* A Healing Attunement sent energetically one day after the Initiatory Attunements for Personal Cleansing, Healing and Empowerment.  Clears the charkas and the energy channels and addresses our specific personal needs.
* A complete Healing Session which is sent energetically seven days after the Initiatory Attunements for the integration and assimilation of the course. This beautiful energy session is personal and it grounds the power and wisdom of the Self. It harmonizes and balances your energy on all levels. It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating personal energy cleansing and energy healing sent with much light and LOVE. 

Price: 25 €