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Over 50 Reiki Energy Systems and Powerful Energy Systems, including: 

Abundance / Prosperity Reiki
Amaterasu Reiki
Ascension Reiki
Aurora Reiki
Celtic Reiki
Chenrezig Reiki
Chikara Reiki
Crystal Reiki
Dolphin Reiki
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki
Dos Rios Reiki
Elemental Reiki
El Morya Reiki
Fusion Reiki
Gayatri Reiki
Gold Reiki
Hexa Reiki
Imara Reiki
Inga Reiki
Karmic Reiki
Kava Reiki
Kundalini Reiki
Kundalini Reiki Boosters
Kurama Kokyu Reiki
Lathoif / Green Reiki
Laxmi Reiki
Lotus Petal Reiki
Ma 'Heo' O Reiki
Maitri Vihara Reiki
Medicine Buddha Reiki
Meridian Reiki
Michikaro Reiki
Money Reiki
Moon Reiki
New Usui Reiki
OBE Reiki
Original 7 Degree Reiki
Rosari Reiki
Runic Reiki  
Sacred Flames Reiki
Sacred Moon Reiki
Sacred Path Reiki
Self-Attunement / Reiki
7 Rays Reiki
Silver-Violet Flame
Spirit Reiki
Sufi Reiki
Tummo Reiki
Varja Tummo Reiki
Violet Flame Reiki
WeightLoss Reiki
White Dove Reiki

You will receive many manuals and powerful attunements of Light and Love. The healing energies you will receive are incredible and all areas of your self and your life will be cleansed, empowered, harmonized and aligned.

This is the most extended Reiki Course for all of those who want to study Reiki as it has evolved and as it evolves today.

Levels:  Many
Symbols:  Hundrends
Founder: Giorgos Mylonas, 2005
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or above


Course Fees Include

* A detailed Manual of the Course (e-mailed to you).

* A Certificate of Completion (e-mailed to you).

* Lineage: The spiritual line of the teachers back to the founder of the system.

* Distant Initiation / Attunements of the Course sent energetically with Love.
The initiations sent by the Master - Teachers of Reiki University are the most powerful since all systems have been upgraded to a new advanced healing level so that they can be the most empowering they can be!

* A Healing Attunement sent energetically one day after the Initiatory Attunements for Personal Cleansing, Healing and Empowerment.  Clears the charkas and the energy channels and addresses our specific personal needs.

* A complete Healing Session which is sent energetically seven days after the Initiatory Attunements for the integration and assimilation of the course. This beautiful energy session is personal and it grounds the power and wisdom of the Self. It harmonizes and balances your energy on all levels. It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating personal energy cleansing and energy healing sent with much light and LOVE. 

Price: 650 €